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sunnuntaina, joulukuuta 19, 2004

Bensa loppu?

Jonkun juhlamatka on hyytynyt, sillä limusiini on sanonut sopimuksensa irti... Posted by Hello

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  • Moi:

    I´m Vero from Spain, I love the pics of your blog, I like your country a lot, From what part of Finland they are?

    Kommentoija: Blogger Possidonia, 23/12/04 13:59  

  • Hi Vero!
    This blog's location is Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. Vuosaari is actually a district of Helsinki, the most eastern part her. I'm writing about Vuosaari and all the pictures are naturally from here ;) Have you been to Helsinki? Which part of Spain are you from? Oh how I love Spanish wine!!! Especially made from Tempranillo grapes ;)

    Kommentoija: Blogger Suovaari, 23/12/04 22:21  

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